Updates about me!

Comic. x3

Haha! First post~

You know, I’ve never, ever, been a blog person. But somebody recommended that I make a blog and such. I decided to use it for my own personal means, but more or less for people who follow my art.


Well, let’s see. Other than Oh, Ohio, I’m thinking of making a new comic. [NO. I do NOT have any plans to continue LRF, my older comic. I may do something with it later, but not now. Not today.] I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but I try a few things and see what I like. It’s hard to believe I just pulled Oh, Ohio out of thin air, it’s so easy to work with. -w-

But now I have to do with plots. Ew. Plots.

I don’t know, though.

Also, new Oh Ohio today! Read it. LOVE IT. <3